Oxygen supply system for ambulances

preturile afisate includ TVA


Complete system for the distribution of oxygen in rescue vehicles; the system consists of two HF model pressure regulators, a manual exchanger, UNI 9507 terminal units complete with socket and flanged base block for an easy installation on panel. It ‘also equipped with a connection to the third source.
They are classified as a medical device in accordance with Directive 93/42 / EEC, as amended.
It is classified as a medical device CE active in class 2b as it meets the requirements of Rules 9 and 11 of Annex IX of Directive 93/42 / EEC.
The gas system meets all the requirements of the reference standards for medical gas distribution plants.
It’s simple and adapted to any of the rescue vehicle model system.
All components are assembled together by means of flexible connections for low pressure according to the standard EN ISO 5359.


N.2 HF reducers complete of trasducer, exit 4…..20mA, IP 65, cl. 2,5, 0-315 bar, EN837-1.
N.1 gauge sc. 0-10 bar, class 2.5.
N.1 manual change over (1st. – 2nd.  sorce).
N.1 emergency connection to the third source complete of non-return valve, shutt-off valve and AFNOR probe.
UNI 9507 terminal units.
Flexible connections for low pressure according to EN ISO 5359 complete with swivel fittings.