HF/FLUX cylinder pressure regulator

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Product description

Pressure regulator for cylinders, suitable for medical gases, equipped with a pressure gauge to show cylnder pressure, a flowmeter on the outlet can be used to control gas supply from 0 l/min to 15 or 30 l/min. The maximum inlet pressure is 200 bar, the outlet pressure is 4 bar or 4.5 bar for the 30 l/min model. The inlet connection is gas-specific, on the outlet there is a flowmeter with connection G1/4″ M.


N.One HF High Pressure regulator with chemically nickel-plated brass body.
N.One gas-specific inlet.
N.One outlet with flowmeter to regulate the flow up to 15 or 30 l/min.
N.One overpressure discharge valve, built into the pressure regulator, pre-calibrated and with drain channel, G1/4″ M R.
N.One High Pressure gauge with range 0/315 bar, class 2.5.
N.One stainless steel inlet filter with filtration grade > 100 mm.
Stainless steel springs.
FKM O-Ring and membrane for O2, NBR O-Ring and membrane for other gases.
NYLON seal seat for O2, PTFE seal seat for other gases.