Semiautomatic EURO/A control panel

preturile afisate includ TVA


Product description

Control panel for medical gases, with automatic exchange and manual reset; composed of two line of EURO regulators, complete with High Pressure contact pressure gauge, High Pressure shut-off valve, two overpressure discharge valves, incorporated in the reducers, conveyable with Ø 12 mm weld-on pipe connector and a Low Pressure shut-off valve for the maintenance.
On the output there is a Low Pressure gauge to display the line pressure.
The input connection is specific for the gas used, on the outlet there’s a a Ø 16 mm weld-on pipe connector.
Its maximum capacity in Nitrogen at 9 bar outlet pressure is 72 Nm³ / h, 1200 Nl / min.
The two High Pressure gauges of the reducers are electrically contacted, pre-calibrated with an alarm threshold at 15 bar and can be connected to an alarm control unit to signal manifold empty.
The control module is protected from atmospheric agents by a white painted steel box with windows for checking the pressure gauges.
For easy wall mounting, all components are installed on a white painted steel plate.