Maintenance Supply Assembly

preturile afisate includ TVA


Product description

Maintenance supply assembly in accordance with EN ISO 7396-1: 2019 which provides for the presence, downstream of the medical gas manifold, of a specific gas inlet for powering the plant; the device consists of an emergency gas supply-specific NIST or Afnor standard socket, a 15 bar pre-calibrated overpressure valve, 4 shut-off valves 1/2″, a pressure gauge and the predisposition for the installation of a pressure switch or transducer for the alarm, complete with check valve; the device is recovered on a steel plate and protected by an abs cover.


One painted stainless steel panel.
One chromed brass block with gas-specific emergency socket, connections for pressure gauge and manostat.
One overpressure discharge valve.
One chromed brass „shutoff” valve.
Three Ø 22 weld-on swivel pipe connections (2 for control module inlets and third source, one for line outlet).
One EN 837-1 compliant system pressure gauge with a precision of 4%.
One manostat with min. and max. contact, and a precision of 4%, calibrated at 20% of max. system pressure.