RVB vacuum regulator

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The RVB vacuum regulator regulates and measures the vacuum used for medical suction; there are three models that differ on the basis of the degree of vacuum the user needs to regulate: RVB 1000 up to -950 mbar, RVB 600 up to -600 mbar and RVB 250 up to -250 mbar.It can be connected to the gas distribution system using suitable AFNOR NF S 90-116, DIN 13260-1, UNI 9507, BS 5682 and SS 8752430 compliant probes or with a G 1/4″ M R thread. The outlet has a G 1/2″ M R threaded connection.The RVB vacuum regulator can also be supplied in a full rail mount configuration, complete with medical grade rubber hose and specific probe.


Chemically nickel-plated aluminum body and parts.
„On-off” brass control rod.
N.One inlet with standard probe or G 1/4″ M R thread.
N.One G 1/2″ M R threaded outlet.
Membrane made of medical grade silicone.
ABS cap.