RVB collection jar

preturile afisate includ TVA


The collection jar is installed upstream of the RVB vacuum regulator to protect the suction system and regulator from impurities; it has a hose connector on the inlet and is connected to the vacuum regulator by a G 1/2″ F R thread; the collection jar is made of polycarbonate and has a capacity of 150 cc or 300 cc; the cap has an outlet with a hose connector; the RVB jar (collection jar, lid, O-ring) can be periodically placed in an autoclave up to a temperature of 134°C and each time it is used by a different patient for a maximum of 100 cycles at 121°/126 ° or 85 cycles at 134°, for a maximum total cycle time of 10 min. (of which 6 cycles are performed at 134°);


Polycarbonate jar.
Yellow PVC top.
Moplen float.
One hose connector inlet.
N.One outlet with G 1/2″ F R rotary nut.NBR O-ring.