preturile afisate includ TVA


The raw material in the production of this suture is the cocoon of a silkworm.

Types of packaging:
• needle-thread-combinations
• precut lengths

Thread diameter:
• USP 10-0 to 5 (0.2-7 metric)

• black

Chemical name:
• silk fibroin

• very supple
• exceptional knotting properties
• excellent knot security
• minimal sawing effect

These very fine silk filaments undergo degumming (removing sericin, a viscous binding protein), spinning and precision-braiding. A surface treatment waterproofs the silk filament. This process results in silk without any undesirable wicking, i.e. a non-capillary, hydrophobic suture with a smooth surface.

SILK is coloured with physiologically harmless dyes.