RESORBA GLYCOLON® monofilament, short-term absorbable

preturile afisate includ TVA


The production of GLYCOLON® involves the copolymerisation of polyglycolic acid and
ɛ-caprolactone in a certain ratio. The breakdown of the polymeric suture in the tissue occurs through water uptake, thereby reversing the synthesis.

Types of packaging:
• needle-thread-combination
• precut length

Thread diameter:
• USP 6-0 to 1 (0.7-4 metric)

• undyed or violet

Chemical name:
• [poly (glycolic acid-co-ɛ-caprolactone)]

• high tear resistance
• excellent knot security
• atraumatic tissue passage

The tear resistance of GLYCOLON® reduces by 30% 7 days after implantation.
The completely safe intermediary products that are formed, as well as the smooth, monofilament surface structure of the thread, result in minimal tissue reaction.

The smooth, monofilament surface structures of the polymer give GLYCOLON® excellent handling and tissue passage properties. Tissue trauma as a result of suturing is not relevant to GLYCOLON®, and the monofilament structure prevents wicking of the thread without the need for additional surface treatment.

GLYCOLON® is available undyed, especially suitable for skin closure, and in violet (coloured with the physiologically harmless D+C No. 2 dye).