RESORBA PGA resoquick™ – multifilament, short-term absorbable

preturile afisate includ TVA


PGA resoquick ™ is a high mole­cular weight, linear homopolymer of glycolic acid (hydroacetic acid), which is extruded into thin filaments and braided into sutures of various diameters.

Types of packaging:
• needle-thread-combination
• precut lengths

Thread diameter:
• USP 8-0 to 2 (0.4-5 metric)

• undyed or violet

Chemical name:
• polyglycolic acid

• very supple
• very high tensile strength
• minimal tissue reaction
• smooth passage through tissue
• high knot security

Metabolisation of the PGA suture within the tissue occurs by the uptake of water, thus reversing the synthesis. The monomeric glycolic acid is split enzymatically into CO2 and H2O by the normal metabolism.
The fine, precision braided filaments guarantee a very high tensile strength as well as great suppleness. The special coating of a mixture of calcium stearate & polycaprolactone thinly covers the fibre bundles for specific reduction of surface friction. Absorbable suture approximates the tissue during the healing phase and progressively loses its tensile strength and breaking load.

The precision braided filaments of polyglycolic acid that make up PGA resoquick™ ensure standardized and moderately rapid absorption in tissue. PGA resoquick™ is absorbed rather quickly than PGA RESORBA® because this material is manufactu­red using a lower molecular weight PGA. The molecular weight of the PGA material is reduced during a special heat treatment process of the thread before coating. After only seven days PGA resoquick™ has al­ready lost 50% of its original break­ing load. After 14 days all original breaking load is lost completely. Absorption of PGA resoquick™ is approximately completed after 42 days.