RESORBA® Barbed Suture monofilament with barbs, unidirectional, long-term absorbabale

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RESORBA® Barbed Suture is a polydioxanone knotless tissue-closure device, which is comprised of barbed dyed polydioxanone (PDO) suture material, armed with a surgical needle on one end and end stopper at the other end.

Types of packaging:
• needle-thread-combinations

Thread diameter:
• USP 4-0 – 1 (1.5-4 metric)

• violet

Chemical name:
• poly (p-dioxanone)

• siliconised needles made of 300 steel
• synthetic with a long period of action
• unidirectional spiral angle cut on one side
• high tensile strength
• triangular end stopper

The RESORBA® Barbed Suture barbs are unidirectional oriented to allow for tissue approximation without the need to tie surgical knots.
RESORBA® Barbed Suture is consisting of polyester, poly (p-dioxanone) and is dyed with D&C violet No. 2.

While the formation of barbs in the RESORBA® Barbed Suture reduces the tensile strength relative to non-barbed suture material of the same size, tying of knots in non-barbed suture materials also reduces their effective strength. For this reason, the strength of the RESORBA® Barbed Suture can be compared to USP knot strength of non-barbed sutures.

After implantation the breaking load is at 55% after 42 days. Absorption by hydrolysis is completed after about 180 – 220 days.