RESORBA® PGA multifilament, mid-term absorbable

preturile afisate includ TVA


PGA RESORBA® is a polymer of glycolic acid. The linear, high molecular weight polyglycolic acid is synthesised in the presence of a catalyst via the intermediary product glycolide, a cyclic ester.

Types of packaging:
• needle-thread-combination
• precut lengths

Thread diameter:
• USP 7-0 to 5 (0.5-7 metric)

• violet or undyed

Chemical name:
• polyglycolic acid

• high tear resistance
• good handling
• excellent knot security
• atraumatic tissue passage
• minimal tissue reaction

The breakdown of the PGA suture in the tissue occurs through water uptake, thereby reversing the synthesis. Regular metabolic processes break down the glycolic acid monomers into CO2 and H2O through enzymatic degradation. The physical and physiological properties of suture material containing 10% lactide as copolymer differ only slightly from pure PGA sutures.

The thin, precision-braided filaments provide very high tear resistance as well as excellent suppleness. The special coating thinly encapsulates the fibre bundles resulting in a specific reduction of surface friction. Absorbable sutures approximate the tissue during the healing phase; at the same time, they increasingly lose their tensile strength and tear resistance.

PGA RESORBA® contains precisionbraided filaments made of polyglycolic acid that result in a standardised, moderate rate of absorption in the tissue. Depending on the thread diameter 50 % of the original tensile strength of
PGA RESORBA® is lost after 18 days. Violet PGA RESORBA® is coloured with a physiologically harmless dye.