RESORBA™ PDO monofilament, long-term absorbable

preturile afisate includ TVA


PDO RESORBA™ is made of the poly (p-dioxanone).

Types of packaging:
• needle-thread-combinations

Thread diameter:
• USP 7-0 to 2 (0.5-5 metric)

• violet or undyed

Chemical name:
• poly (p-dioxanone)

• very high tensile strength
• minimal tissue reaction
• smooth passage through tissue
• robust and high knot security

Because of its slow degradation profile, PDO RESORBA™ is well suited for all indications where an extended wound support is required.

After implantation the breaking load is at 55% after 42 days. Absorption by hydrolysis is completed after about 25 – 31 weeks. Tissue reaction is minimal because of the monofilament structure of the thread.