preturile afisate includ TVA


The humidifier is used in oxygen therapy to humidify the oxygen breathed by the patient; it is connected downstream of the flowmeter using a G 1/4″ F R thread; it is a class IIa non-active medical device and is not supplied sterile; the jar is in Makrolon, biocompatible in accordance with ISO 10993-1 with a maximum capacity of 300 cc., cap, in plastic or metal, with a hose outlet; the humidifier (jar, cap, o-ring and silicone tube) can be placed in an autoclave up to a temperature of 134 ° C periodically for a maximum of 100 cycles at 121 ° and 126 °, 85 cycles at 134 ° for a maximum time of 10 total min / each (of which 6 of effective cycle at 134 °), excluding the diffuser.


Polycarbonate jar that can be sterilized in an autoclave at 134 °C.
One inlet with G 1/4″ F R or M12x1 F swivel nut.
One hose connector outlet.
Silicone hose.
Polyethylene bubble diffuser.
White polypropylene or metal cap.
EPDM O-ring.