HF cylinder pressure regulator with terminal unit

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Product description

Pressure regulator for cylinders, suitable for medical gases, equipped with single pressure gauge to show operating pressure, used on cylinder outlets to reduce the pressure down to that of the line or equipment. Maximum inlet pressure is 200 bar.The inlet connection is gas-specific. A UNI 9507 or AFNOR NF-S 90-116 can be fitted on the outlet.


N.One HF High Pressure regulator with chemically nickel-plated CW614N brass body and adjustable calibration.
N.One gas-specific inlet.
N.1 outlet with UNI 9507 or AFNOR NS-S 90-116 socket.
N.One overpressure discharge valve, built into the pressure regulator, pre-calibrated and with drain channel, G1/4″ M R.
N.One High Pressure gauge with range according to the gas used, class 2.5.N.
One stainless steel inlet filter with filtration grade > 100 mm.
Stainless steel springs.
FKM O-Ring for O2, NBR O-ring for other gases.
NYLON seal seat for O2, PTFE seal seat for other gases.
FKM O-Ring for O2, NBR O-ring for other gases.