BIOLIFT™ Sutures (facelifting)

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BIOLIFT™ Sutures (facelifting) threads allows lifting of face skin without surgical intervention. Minimal invasive procedure lasts just 20-25 minutes, casing no damage to the skin and practically no side effects. Immediate effect and short recovery period allows patients to achieve their desired goal easily with no complications. The innovative ultrasonic manufacturing technology gives uniquely shaped wings with high strength for extra lift. This product is designed for dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Type of thread

Fishbone thread

Reabsorption time

Predictable absorption (loss of mass) in 180 to 220 days

Benefits of the Suture

Easy,Safe,Extra Lift.

Thread color

GILZA sutures are available in dyed with D&C violet #2

Available thread sizes


Available length

25 cm with two 11 cm double arm needles.